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 What's it like to work with Strat-Wise? 

On this page we’ll tell you about the kind of results you can expect when you work with Strat-Wise.  We will also give you a sense of our principles, our unique approach and what makes us different from any IT or strategy consulting firms..

Our Approach is to:

Seek first to understand your market structure, business model and the issues you face.  We explore your business intelligence system and determine if additional elements are required.  We discuss the objectives underlying your needs for strategic metrics and customize the tools to fit your needs and culture.

Work closely with your team.  Your team will need to actively participate providing the necessary market information so we can cleanse, organize and structure your marketing databases.

Integrate the data from all your systems.  We work closely with your IT organization to integrate your customer, market intelligence, and transactional data to create your custom made Strategic Knowledge System™.

Provide clarity and simplicity.  You won’t have to rely on IT or Finance experts to interface with complex systems.  Everyone in your commercial team will be able to find the answers right away.

Create accountability.  The ownership of your business results will become evident.  Everyone in your team will be able to see the cause and effect of business results clearly by area of responsibility.

Our objective is NOT to revamp or replace your entire data warehouse, data marts or enterprise systems.  Based on what you already have we will create a Strategic Analysis Toolbox™ that your strategic and commercial teams can access for nearly instant answers.

 Expected Results

1) When you work with us you can expect to see desirable and sustainable changes in the way your teams approach Strategy to achieve Performance. Your commercial folks will make decisions based more on quantifiable market and business facts and less on intuition. Our Strategic Analysis Toolbox™ will help to transition marketing and sales from art to science. You’ll see:

2) Improved customer profitability. Everyone in your team will be able to see which 5% of your customers generate 50% of your profits and why. They’ll also find out who the bottom 40% of your customers are that generate no profit at all. They will be able to monitor this at any time of the month, quarter or year, and understand the causes, in order to drive the profitability distribution towards a higher, more balanced and stable bottom line.
3) We save precious time for your strategic folks by providing the answers they need to run the business right from the Strategic Knowledge System™. Your team will finally share a single version of the truth. Analyses run by Finance will be in agreement with those run by Marketing and Sales. Additionally, extensive manipulation of the data in ad hoc spreadsheets will no longer be necessary.
4) Your product portfolio and working capital come under control. Your Product Managers will quickly analyze the profitability of the entire product line any time they need to. Easy to understand customer-product-profit relationships will provide the information
 needed to develop an effective product rationalization plan and reduce the risk of offending strategic customers. This will not only reduce your inventory cost, but also will add efficiency to your manufacturing and supply chain operations.

5) Increased new products profitability. Your entire organization will be able to monitor Product Innovation Metrics fast and regularly. It will be easy to measure the year-to-year profitability progress of new products, its vitality index and the product differentiation-to-commodity ratio.
6) Performance vs. business plan. You’ll be able to instantly visualize which parts of the organization are ahead of plan and which are behind and understand why, anytime. With this information handy, your team could develop an immediate action plan to promote the growth of the markets, sales territories, customers or products that are not delivering the expected results.

7) Your Strategic Customers enjoying the priority service level they deserve. Everyone in your organization, not just Sales or Marketing, will recognize your Strategic Customers and Key Account locations and treat them accordingly. Your people will no longer give the same priority to a five thousand dollar customer as a 50 million dollar one.

8) Consistent global and detailed local business views and performance metrics. You will access integrated performance overviews of your different businesses and regions. It is important to see how your individual customers and products make up the 30 thousand feet view. You will be able to calculate global metrics, understand the impact and profitability of global products or develop a Key Account Strategy for global customers. Even if different companies, subsidiaries and business units use disparate and incompatible legacy systems.

9) A clear view of your Business Opportunities Pipeline anytime. You’ll instantly quantify the impact and probability of success for new business, as well as the risk associated with those pieces of business under competitive threat. Additionally you will be able to keep track of your competitor’s market share in different segments.
10) Your sales people increasing their profitability by becoming “General Managers” of their territories.  They‘ll have a clear understanding of how profit is generated in their territories and stop pursuing unprofitable volume. They will be able to see a profit & loss statement of their territories and run P&Ls for each individual customer and account location, showing which products generate profits, which ones drain cash and more importantly, understand why and manage for profit.

                                            Our Principles

Business Intelligence is much more than software.   Business Intelligence should be a reliable, analytical process that transforms raw data into relevant, accurate and useable strategic knowledge.  We use BI software to integrate your enterprise data with your market intelligence and execute this analytical process fast and effectively so your strategic teams can focus on growing your business. 

Profitability is not optional.  You are in business for many reasons but the main one is to make a profit.  The whole objective of providing your commercial teams with strategic analysis tools is to help you increase your market share, revenue and net profit.  If we are not fully convinced that our work will improve your profitability we won’t take on the project.

Customer Value.  Our goal is to get your entire team on the same strategic frame of mind; in this way they will be able to have a deeper understanding of the Market-Business-Profit interaction necessary for the creation of value for your customers.

We don't like Bureaucracy.  Processes are important, but if your organization is passionate about complexity or bureaucracy this is not for you.

Our Unique Approach

We are Flexible.  Different clients need different things.  One size does not fit all.  We custom design a Strategic Knowledge System™ that can produce the results your company needs with the least amount of effort.

We spend the time to understand your business its issues and competitive environment.  Our unique approach is to capture your business model in our Strategic Analysis Toolbox™.  Our objective is for everyone on your team to find our system an accurate, intuitive, and easy to use representation of your markets, business and profitability engine and to be excited about using it to grow your business.

We are not IT consultants.  We work very closely with your IT organization however; to ensure your Strategic Analysis Toolbox™ is seamlessly integrated to the transactional data and functioning properly.

We strive for accuracy. Most deployments of business intelligence software contain only tactical data; aiming to serve just the day-to-day operations.  We specialize in exploiting the BI software for the benefit of your strategic functions, those in charge of the profitable growth of your business.

We use a focused 80/20 approach that immediately identifies those products, customers, sales-reps, markets, segments, businesses or regions that drain cash, allowing you to visualize the reasons for poor performance and take corrective actions.  More importantly, we also identify segments that are extraordinarily profitable, so that you can understand the reasons behind them and design new products, services or training programs to replicate their profitability.

What make our consulting stand out are our hands-on experience in marketing & sales, our expertise in automating strategic metrics in a user friendly manner and teaching people across the organization how to use them for maximum bottom line return.

What is Next?

Now that you have a better idea about our work and the results you can expect with our approach, you can learn more about what you can do to grow your business by scheduling a free, no obligation discussion at (262)681-2869 or by visiting our contact us page.

You can also see how our services can help your team deliver more profitable growth. 

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