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Ready to Tackle Your Strategic Analytics Issues? 

This free strategy session helps you identify obstacles to data-driven profitable growth and explore the kind of results you’d like to achieve with the resources you already have.

If your teams are drowning in data but thirsty for the strategic information they need to grow the business, we hope you’ve found the information on this site useful.  Strat-Wise has been able to help strategic business leaders, R&D, marketing and sales professionals become more competitive and increase market share, profit and cash flow. 

If this is the kind of improvement you are looking for, consider registering for our Strategic Analytics Session.

Our Strategic Analytics Session is an in-depth discovery interview, held either by telephone or in person, in which we gather information that allows us to explore the challenges you and your team face, the kind of results you’d like to see, and whether this program will be of help or not.

To make sure everyone gets maximum value out of this session, we provide you and your team with a pre-consultation questionnaire.  The consult itself typically takes about an hour and a half, and the session can usually take place within 1-2 weeks of your sign-up.  Just register below, and we will be in touch for a brief discussion about your company’s issues and to schedule the session.

Yes, I’m interested in tackling my company’s constraints in a complimentary Strategic Analytics Session:

Strategy Session Request
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Customer profitability info is hard to extract 
Only experts can access data 
Customer data doesn't always make sense 
Market data is missing / not accurate 
Competitor data is missing / not accurate 
The information is not strategic 
Most analyses need to be run in Excel 
Analysts are the process bottleneck 
It takes too long to get the right information 
Most decisions are based on experience 
It's hard to answer complex business questions 
Issues I'd like to address:
Other issues I'd like to address::

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