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Bill Cabiró started Strat-Wise consulting to help strategic business leaders make sense of their own companies' ocean of data to grow their business.  Bill has published technical articles in trade journals and has been a guest speaker at Executive Agenda to discuss “Profit Optimization with the 80/20 Principle” and at the Manufacturers Alliance to discuss “From Corporate Information to Strategic Knowledge”.

Bill has over twenty five years of industrial sales and marketing management within the specialty chemicals business at the SC Johnson family of companies - the $10 billion privately held consumer and industrial products multinational – and BASF – the $80 billion global chemical company.  During the last ten years he has specialized in the optimization of business intelligence software to transform raw business data into interactive strategic analytics.

The ability to perform strategic analysis on the fly has enabled Marketing and Sales clients in different businesses to achieve top line profitable growth.  Bill has firsthand experience in successfully exploiting strategic analysis tools to implement Market Driven Management, 80/20 Analysis & Strategy, Product and Customer Portfolio Management and Theory of Constraints Metrics.

Bill holds a BS in Physical & Mathematical Sciences and spent his early years managing Quality Assurance and Research and Development labs in the consumer chemicals industry.

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How I got involved with electronic Strategic Analysis Tools.  For a long time I had had a passion for the exact sciences, and a fascination with the way math and logic support the thinking processes that drive technical innovation as well as business improvement.  I love metrics, all kind of metrics, from the physical and chemical units to the financial, business and market metrics.
I think the value of the scientific method is the ability to make accurate predictions beyond the physical world and into the business world.  The immediate business application is to influence and exploit the outcome of those predictions better and before than our competitors, in order to increase market share, revenue and profit.

Over many years working in marketing and sales I felt firsthand the frustration of realizing that the deployment of expensive and sophisticated Business Intelligence software, while acceptable to most tactical functions in many companies, was not at all helpful to me and other marketing and sales folks.

Eventually, I realized that corporate information consists mostly of internal raw data.   Although internal data is necessary to manage logistic or tactical areas like, supply chain, manufacturing, accounts receivable, transportation, accounts payable or customer service; it is far from enough to perform marketing and sales management jobs effectively.  The reason is simple, raw data neither has strategic meaning nor provides the immediate strategic analysis and direction necessary to grow the business profitably.

Having spent time understanding the wonderful capabilities of Business Intelligence software I knew there had to be a better way to handle your data—I became determined to move the use of BI software to the next level: to perform strategic analysis interactively and on the fly in order to grow the business.  This is how I got involved with the Strat-Wise concept.  Today I love seeing how Marketing and Sales people successfully use the Strategic Analysis Toolbox™ to make the right decisions quickly and repeatedly.


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